Adams Coming Along In His Recovery

Adams hits a milestone in his rehab next week

While the Trenton Thunder are battling in the Eastern League Championship series with Altoona, they're doing it without one of their early season stalwarts. David Adams was leading the league in nearly every offensive category back in May until a seemingly sprained ankle put him on the shelf. Nearly four months later, he says he is coming along well in his recovery.

"Everything is going really well," David Adams said. "I have no complaints. I'm getting ready to get out of a walking boot on Monday so things are going really well."

He harmlessly drew a walk against Portland back on May 22nd and went in to break up a double-play one batter later, and that altered the course of the rest of his season.

"I went to slide in to break up a double-play and I slid right into the guy's foot," he recounted. "I thought I twisted my ankle. It felt like I just jammed it into his foot. It's an impact injury, that's the way the doctor described it. Basically I collided with him."

Initially he was supposed to miss just a couple of weeks with an apparent sprained ankle, or so everyone thought.

"The sprain I had wasn't significant enough to keep me out that long," he continued. "It would have only kept me out for a couple of weeks, a month to six weeks at the most.

"I was on the field, able to take ground balls, hit, but I just couldn't run. It was the weirdest thing, I could do everything except run. That's what held us back and we kept seeing doctor after doctor and we finally found out there was a little more going on."

Over two months into rehabbing what was thought to be a sprained ankle, it was learned that he in fact had fractured a bone in his ankle and that it would require surgery, and that meant missing the rest of the 2010 season.

"I think I was just relieved that we finally figured out what was going on because it was a long time coming," Adams said. "We spent ten weeks thinking it was a sprained ankle and it just wasn't getting any better. When we finally figured out what it was, I was pretty relieved actually."

Obviously disappointed with having to miss the rest of the season, and finding it especially hard these days that he's unable to help his team in the Eastern League finals, Adams does find some relief that there will be some closure to his ordeal come Monday.

What happens next after the boot comes off next week though hasn't been figured out yet, but he knows he can take his time now and he will found out then when he can resume normal baseball activities.

"I think we're going to play that by ear," he added. "There's really no hurry. The goal is to be back for next season. We have a set schedule up until Monday. Monday we get the boot off and that's all I know."

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