Kontos Pitching With Conviction

Righties are hitting just .136 against Kontos

Right-handed pitcher George Kontos has been a key and versatile part of the Scranton Wilkes-Barre pitching staff and he is looking to keep up the good work this season.

The Scranton Wilkes-Barre roster has been changing almost daily due to injury or call-ups but the one consistent name on the list has been George Kontos.

Thus far, he has been pitching to a 2.26 ERA in 27 games [two starts]. He has been more than the Yankees have hoped for.

"I've just been attacking the strike zone," said Kontos. "I've just been seeing the glove and throwing the ball with some conviction.

"My mechanics and everything have been solid this year and I'm just trying to attack hitters with some confidence and everything has been going my way."

Kontos had been slowed down by injuries but he stuff is progressing very well the further his surgery gets behind him.

"I think right now my stuff is about as good as it's ever been; even before surgery. It's the best I've felt in a long time. The year after the surgery is usually the best year and I think that's exactly what has happened," said Kontos.

"My velocity has kicked up, I've been pitching harder than I have in the past and I've been locating. My slider has also been as good as it is ever and been and my changeup has actually become a really good pitch for me."

Kontos' slider has been a clutch pitch for him over his career. He has been able to throw the slider in any count, which gives him a great advantage over hitters.

"Well I think that the hitters knowing that I will throw that at any time will keep them guessing a little bit more. It allows my fastball to play up a little bit because if they're expecting slider and I throw the fastball it makes them on their toes a little bit more," said Kontos.

Kontos has been enjoying the success he has had this season and he hopes to be able to stay consistent.

"I just want to keep doing what I've been doing. I've been going out there and pitching with some confidence and I haven't really been worrying about the hitters. I've just been taking my signs and looking at the glove and throwing the ball with conviction," said Kontos.

"I think that's been the key. A lot of our guys in the bullpen have been doing the same thing. Our closer Kevin Whelan and Eric Wordekemper have been pitching really well and we're just all going out there and pitching with some confidence. That's just how's it's been going all year."

There is nothing specifically that Kontos is working on currently but he wants to keep getting better and as far as the "big picture", he is right where he wants to be.

"I just want to stay where I'm at right now and keep putting up the numbers that I've been putting up," said Kontos.

Kontos hasn't only been good for Scranton Wilkes-Barre in regards to numbers, though. He has been big for them when it has come to picking up starts when they needed them. Every team needs a versatile pitcher and Kontos is just that for the Yankees.

"I will do whatever the organization would like me to do. I'm good with whatever is going to help out the big club as best as I can," said Kontos.

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