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Stoneburner Learned Valuable Lesson

Stoneburner has had two quality starts in a row

During a baseball prospect's time in the minor leagues, learning how to throw, catch and hit aren't all of what needs to be experienced and learned before reaching the majors. In fact, part of what makes a great baseball player is their ability to bounce back after obtaining a game-stopping injury. For Graham Stoneburner, his lesson was learned this year with the Trenton Thunder.

"One day I woke up and had a stiff neck," Graham Stoneburner said. "It just kind of got worse and worse and then eventually I had to quit pitching. It was one of those [injuries] that I didn't do anything as a direct result, [at least] that I know of. "It was one of those things that as soon as you find out you get hurt, for me anyway, it's all about how you can get better and the quickest... Recommended Stories

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