Murton Powering Up

Murton has 8 home runs in the month of June

Luke Murton is having a pretty good season with the Trenton Thunder overall so far -- he's batting .256 with 38 RBI and 14 home runs, good for second in the Eastern League. Also, over the last 10 games, he has been heating up. He's had a hit in nine of the last ten games, hitting .378 over that time. So what's on the agenda for Murton to work on this season? Everything.

"Every season I go into I try and improve every aspect of my game," Murton said. "I just need to improve hitting, fielding, base running, and all of those things and I feel like if you can do that, then by the end of the year you can look back and you can feel good about what you did for that year."

Although his plan to master every single aspect of his game might seem a bit crazy or a bit over zealous, manager Tony Franklin agrees with his plan.

"That's what they're supposed to do here at this level, improve on every aspect of their game to show this industry that they're worthy of moving, going higher, and playing higher -- improve on every aspect of their game so that they can become a little bit more consistent," Franklin said.

Despite a broken finger and a slow start to Spring Training, Murton got the ball rolling early on his plan this season by putting together a good Spring Training.

"Spring training was good," Murton said. "I went down a little bit early then I broke my finger during Spring Training and had to get some stitches so it kind of slowed down my Spring Training a little bit, and I kind of had to stay a little bit longer, but it was good.

"It gave me a little bit more time just to really hone in and to be around baseball and kind of figure out what I wanted to focus on and what I wanted to try and improve upon, what felt like I did well on, and what I felt like I didn't do well, just so I could improve on all facets of my game."

With a good spring and a good start to the season Murton is already starting to master at least one aspect of his master plan; hitting.

"Luke is staring to hit the ball out of the ball park with a measure of consistency," Franklin said. "He's got I think 14 home runs and of those, a lot of those home runs came pretty quickly and lately.

"He's starting to put some better swings on the ball, some shorter swings. Yea, he's got some power."

Franklin also notes that he's "played first base very well for us". Maybe Murton can check fielding off of his list pretty soon too. Overall, Franklin says though that consistency is the biggest thing for Murton to work on.

"The consistent play is a big factor," Franklin said. "That's the main goal for any of these minor league players whether they're here or Tampa or even in Scranton, guys will go to the big leagues and come back probably because they're not playing consistently enough."

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