Segedin Getting More Comfortable

Segedin hit his first Double-A HR on Monday

TRENTON, NJ - Early draft pick means early expectations. In his second year with the Yankee organization, Rob Segedin's recent promotion to Double-A is proving why it was the right choice to draft him so early on back in 2010. With his success in the outfield in Tampa, Segedin is showing just how versatile he can be after moving from third base.

"It was good," Segedin said about his time in Tampa. "We played well out there as a team and I played well individually. It was a good experience. I got to learn more in the outfield while I was down there and I had a good time."

Whether its catching a fly ball deep in right field or cutting someone short on the bases in left, there is always an opportunity to see the New Jersey native at work. With his last time being here during the All-Star game, Segedin is enjoying the return back home much more now that he is on the field rather than on the bench.

"Rob was here last year for a short period of time for the playoffs but unfortunately he didn't get a chance to play, but just to get a look at it," Thunder manager Tony Franklin said.

"He participated at the low and I think it gave him a leg up by understanding what it takes to be a player at this level. He doesn't come in with the unknown fact over his head; he knows exactly what he is facing here."

"You never know what they are going to do," Segedin said about the promotion. "You can think you are getting promoted and then you don't. I try not to think about it because I don't want it to start affecting my game. I would say I was a little surprised but I thought I played well down there."

Now that the 6-foot-3 righty is here, his plans are centered around sharpening his skills as an outfielder, making sure he is able to make the routine plays on most plays.

"In Tampa, I stuck to getting to know the outfield since I already knew the right field," Segedin said. "I worked on my defense everyday [as well as my offense] such as base running, getting better reach on bases, and getting a hit.

"I'm doing the same thing here but I am also trying to prove that I can take that next step to the next level."

With his comfort level rising in the outfield, Segedin is making progress where progress needs to be made.

"It is going well," Segedin said about his defensive progress. "I'm getting used to it and getting results with my exchange on ground balls. I'm feeling comfortable out there.

"I'm still playing third base but I kind of like playing all over the place because it's more tools in my belt. It's fun out there. I'm having a good time."

"So far he is going about his business pretty good," Franklin said. "He's played left field and third base, so here we have another guy with versatility. Rob has only played in a [few] games and it is expected that things are going to be okay for him. I like his demeanor on the field and that he goes about his business."

With the second part of the season around the corner, Segedin has just enough time to stay in the lineup and show his stuff in play.

"He is a good athlete, not a burner, can run extremely fast and can run fast enough to play outfield," Franklin said. "If you can make the routine play on most plays, then I think everybody is going to be pretty happy with that. Basic routine plays are what we are after, four or five times a game. I like him."

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