Staying Healthy Is Key For Nunez

Nunez has made just two errors since his return

The 2012 season started out as well as it could for any player, a spot on the New York Yankees 25-man Opening Day roster. Utility-player Eduardo Nunez sums up his experience with the Yankees in one word and one word only, "Exciting!" In the second week of May, Nunez was optioned to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre after he committed two errors in a game against the Rays.

On his return to Triple-A, Nunez was penciled in as the starting shortstop, but that only lasted three games after he hurt is right thumb on May 16th against the Toledo Mud Hens.

An injury that seemed to be day-to-day lingered on and he was eventually placed on the disabled list.

SWB Yankees strength and conditioning coach Lee Tressel said it was a thumb injury and it just needed time to heal.

"It's taken time I have been out almost ten weeks and it's been real slow," Nunez said. "I had to fix my rhythm but I am doing okay."

Tressel does not know exactly the type of rehabilitation Nunez had because it was mostly done in Tampa. After playing a few rehabilitation games with the GCL and in Tampa, Nunez was activated off the disabled list on July 23rd.

"I feel good, a little weird not playing but I feel excited coming back to the field again."

In the home series against Pawtucket and Indianapolis, Nunez had a .304 average during a stretch when the team struggled to score runs and win games.

The transition back to playing everyday took some time and the right thumb injury hampered his ability to field and hit.

"It's everything so when you are out for ten weeks of baseball and you are home it was tough, but I think more playing and more frequently will help."

Nunez does not want his name defined as a utility player but as a starter.

"[I want to] finish the season strong but more importantly be healthy and be able to play everyday again."

If Nunez wants to be the successor to Jeter, he must find a way to cut out all the errors. In his brief major league career, the 25-year-old has already committed 15 errors in 66 games at shortstop.

In the minors, Nunez averages an error nearly ever four games playing shortstop. Nunez is undeterred by that and all he wants to do is be beneficial to the team.

"I try to help the team win and if I have my rhythm I can help the team, if I don't have my rhythm I can't help the team," he said.

Since being activated from the disabled list, Nunez has committed two errors and in each of those games the team has lost.

"I didn't play too many games this season," Nunez said. "I know games have gone by and that sent me back and everything."

Injuries have affected Nunez but the season is not over yet.

"Beyond that I have to play with a little more importance to end this season."

With September call-ups right around the corner, Nunez may be back in the Yankee pinstripes but with all the time and effort he has put in, he wants to make sure he does not lose a roster spot.

"Back to my work, back to my dreams."

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