Black Handling It Well

Black pitched five scoreless innings last time out

CHARLESTON, SC - Corey Black has not had an easy season thus far. After being drafted by the Yankees in the fourth round of the 2012 draft, the San Diego native has already played in the Gulf Coast League, with Staten Island, and now the Charleston RiverDogs.

"It's hard coming into a club house and getting to know all the guys, and then having to move out right away," Black said. "Every team I've been on has received me with open arms and there are a lot of fun guys in this organization."

Black pitched one game while in the GCL, before heading to Staten Island where he pitched in six games. He didn't receive a win or loss in any of those games. Black has pitched four games since being in Charleston, and has a 1-2 record with a 4.82 ERA.

"It has to be uncomfortable for him meeting new teammates every two weeks," pitching coach Danny Borrell said. "It's a crazy tour when you first sign, but he's handled it well."

Already playing for a few teams within the Yankee organization, Black feels like he has already learned vital things about the game of baseball.

"Mixing up my pitches a lot more is something I've been doing since I've been drafted," Black said. "In college I was able to get away with a lot more fastballs and leave them up in the zone. Here, these guys can hit the fastballs, so you have to really mix up your pitches and throw them for strikes.

"My fastball is in the mid 90s, usually anywhere from 91 to 96. That's definitely my go-to pitch. When I'm spotting that, the game is definitely much easier.

"I also have a changeup that's around 87 to 88. That's my go to offspeed pitch. Then I have a curveball that I'm getting to 77-78, and a slider that's 82-85."

Even though the season is almost over, the RiverDog coaches have still had time to assess the right-hander from Faulkner University.

"The initial reports that I heard were that he had a big arm, a good changeup, and that he spins the ball well — and that's exactly what I've seen from him," Borrell said. "He is a very aggressive and athletic kid. He was a converted shortstop, so he repeats his delivery well. He gets out there and immediately goes after hitters."

"I got a lot of good reports on him," manager Carlos Mendoza added. "I heard he had a big arm for being such a small guy. But I have only seen him couple outings, and so far so good. I like what I see so far."

Regardless of the crazy season thus far, Black is still looking forward to next year.

"It feels really good," Black explains. "It's been a long season and I've thrown a lot of innings, and I can't wait to get a full season in next year." Recommended Stories

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