Turley Still Adjusting

Turley has given up 18 hits in three starts so far

Nik Turley has the potential to be a Major League pitcher, says manager Tony Franklin, but the rocky start to his season has left him with one loss, two no-decisions, and an ERA of 7.82 in his first three starts. However, management is confident that although he is still adjusting from single-A, he has the ability win games for the Trenton Thunder.

"He's potentially a heck of a Major League player. A lot of guys come blessed with potential but if potential doesn't play out it's not any good, but I think Nik is one of those guys who has enough talent," Thunder Manger Tony Franklin said.

The 23-year old left-handed pitcher was drafted by the Yankees in 2008 out of Harvard-Westlake High school. He has steadily improved over the years and continually put up solid numbers since his selection.

Now, at the start of the 2013 season, Turley is fine-tuning his pitches, delivery, and overall game presence in order to continue along the path of his development in the farm system.

"Last year, I made it up here for three starts," Turley said. "I had to make some adjustments there. I guess what I'm saying is from last year to this year there's still some adjustments to be made."

Over his next couple of starts Turley will be focusing his development on his pitches, not only with the location of his main three pitches but the further development of his new ones too.

"Just throwing a lot more strikes. I'm working on my cutter, and my slider right now," said Turley.

On the field and off the field, Turley is making an impact in Trenton. As well as developing into a well refined pitcher, Turley is also emerging as a leader to the pitching staff.

"He's a pretty focused guy and with that focus comes leadership," Franklin said. "He brings a presence about him when he's pitching. He brings a presence that says ‘I'm all business' and hopefully everyone else takes that lead.

"And I think they have, I think that I have a pitching staff that, when they go out there, they are all business. It started with Nik and it continued to trickle down through the starting rotation."

Nik Turley has a lot of hard work ahead of him in order to make it to the level of Major League pitcher, but he is young, he is developing, and he is shining with potential.

"A good fastball, curveball, changeup and I think that it's only going to get better," Franklin added. "He's in the early stages of his career — he's still learning. Improve each outing — if you can do that then that shows me that you're making progress and making adjustments."

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