Severino Drawing Attention

Severino has been working on his slider

TAMPA, FL - Right-handed pitcher Luis Severino signed with the New York Yankees in 2011. He stands at 6'1" and weighs 185 pounds. The young prospect is only 19 and already obtains the athleticism and the arm it takes to draw attention.

Severino spent last year in the Dominican Summer League where he began to show off his live arm.

"I fell I did pretty good job in Spring Training considering I didn't know what I was going to be facing," he said through the help of a translator. "I pitched pretty good, and mainly worked on my slider. I'm still continuing to work on my slider this Extended [Spring Training]."

The Dominican prospect walked out of the 2012 season with a low ERA of 1.68. At such a young age Severino's pitches can be a little inconsistent, but his command and timing still need work.

"This Extended camp I feel better and more confident," Severino said. "Spring Training was harder for me because it was a heavy workload. Now, it's more going out and pitching so I've been working on my control.

"Before I was coming off the mound and opening up, my control wasn't as good, but now my command is getting much better. I'm crazy for the short-season leagues to start."

GCL Yankees pitching coach, Carlos Chantres, is adamant that Severino can throw, but that he's also very coachable.

"Severio is a special character," Chantres said. "The ball comes out of his hands really, really good. He touches up to 95-96 with his fastball and he's also a great kid. He listens well and is easy to work with."

Severino has a clean arm and the top-notch speed, but his slider is what makes him stand out.

"Right now, we're working on getting his slider to actually slide," Chantres said. "We've got him on a knee drill and a stride drill so we're basically just trying to get that slider where it needs to be."

At Severino's age it's all about delivery and for the most part it seems he's got a pretty good idea of where he's trying to get the ball to go. Staten Island manager Justin Pope spoke highly of Severino.

"He's got a great arm, a live-arm, and he going to be as good as he wants to be as long as he works hard, stays consistent and does what he needs to do," Pope said. "He's got three pitches that he can throw for strikes so as long as he does what he needs to he'll be good."

As a work in progress, Pope assured there's much Severino can do in order to improve his game.

"He could be a top-notch starter in the big leagues. He's got a live-arm and throws pitches for strikes.

"You can always work on command, secondary pitches, and keep up with what you have to do in the weight room whether it's weight or strength training, or the video work you have to do with the pitching coaches.

"Whatever sort of work it is as long as he stays on top of his game he'll be tough to hit that's for sure," Pope concluded.

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