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Q&A with Colter Bean

Bean Wants a Chance with Yankees

Colter Bean had one of the best seasons that a reliever could possibly have this year in AAA but how come nobody seems to notice? It is pretty common for Bean so he does not let it bother him. Some call him a "trick pitcher" in a negative sense but Colter Bean has been tricking a lot of batters the last two seasons with great success. Now, let's get some more insight on the side arming righty as Colter sat down with us for a little chat about his game.

PinstripesPlus: First, I would like to say that you definitely deserve a shot in the Major Leagues. Colter Bean: Thanks, you guys and my wife, that's two. PinstripesPlus: We rated you one of our top 5 pitchers of the year at Colter Bean: I appreciate it. I just want an opportunity. PinstripesPlus: So do you think you'll be in the Yankee organization next year? Colter Bean... Recommended Stories

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