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Titan on the Farm, Part 2: Q&A with P.J. Pilittere

Titan on the Farm, Part 2: Q&A with P.J. Pilittere

The Yankees had a very fine draft this season but Mike Martinez was not the only Titan that they picked up. A teammate of his and a very good friend, P.J. Pilittere was also taken by the Yankees and he has already shown off his superb game calling skills and natural leadership skills as well. Yes, the Yankees have another Titan on the Farm and his name is P.J. Pilittere. P.J. sat down with us for a chat session as we learn more about the Cal State-Fullerton graduate.

PinstripesPlus: What was the College World Series experience like? P.J. Pilittere: It was the most exciting time of my college career. Everything about the College World Series and the city of Omaha screams college baseball. I was lucky enough to go to the College World Series 3 times and all I can say is that it is nothing like what you see on TV. PP: Did Mike Martinez being in Staten Island... Recommended Stories

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