Yankees vs. Mets: First Base Prospects

Mike Carp & John Urick Have High Upsides

In the first of many comparisons between the Yankees and Mets' farm systems, we take a look at the crop of first base prospects in each system. Which system is deeper? Which prospects have the most power? The highest ceilings? Take a look at this first-ever comparison between the two New York farm systems.

The Two Farm Systems: The Yankees have a deeper crop of first baseman, hands down. But that's not to say that their first baseman will eventually become household names in the future. They have as many as 8 first basemen that could arguably contribute at the Major League level at some point, in some capacity. The Mets don't boast that kind of depth. However, the Mets have more guys with a higher "ceiling" at this position in the form of Mike Carp, Brett Harper, and Nick Evans, so they get an edge. The Mets first base prospects will most likely have the bigger impact at the Major League level.

How Do They Compare In...

Power: It is not even close. Collectively the Yankees have more power hitters at the first base position than the Mets. The trio of Andy Phillips, Mitch Jones, and Shelly Duncan are as about as powerful a combination of power hitters you're going to find at the minor league level. Jones and Duncan each won their respective home run derby's this year. Enough said! That's not to say a team Andrew Wilson, Brett Harper, and Mike Carp wouldn't do well in the power area, but the edge goes to the Yankees' first base prospects. Advantage: Yankees

Hitting For Average: This would be a close race when comparing all the first base prospects in both systems. The presence of Andy Phillips' hitting ability, combined with that of Cody Ehlers, John Urick, Ben Jones, and even the new acquired Kyle Larsen could make it very, very interesting. However, between Mike Jacobs, Victor Diaz, Brett Harper, and Andrew Wilson, they are no slouches. Each have hit well above .300 at some points in their careers and Victor Diaz has two minor league batting titles under his belt already. Advantage: Push

Defense: The signing of undrafted free-agent Kyle Larsen by the Yankees makes this a landslide when comparing the two farm systems. Adding Larsen, voted the Pac-10's Best Defensive First Baseman three years in a row, to the likes of John Urick with the Tampa Yankees gives the Yankees the top three defensive first base prospects if both farm systems were combined. The Mets do not currently have a first base prospect that rates as an average defensive first baseman at the Major League level, with Mike Carp of the Hagerstown Suns rated as arguably their best defensive first baseman. Players like Mike Jacobs, Brett Harper, and Andrew Wilson have shifted to first base at the professional level and have a longer road ahead of them defensively at this position. Advantage: Yankees.

Overall Potential: The Yankees are loaded with solid first base that were mostly drafted at the collegiate level, each making tremendous impacts at the minor league level. Not to take anything away from their ability, none of them currently projects to make a major impact at the Major League level someday. John Urick is the first base prospect with the highest upside in the Yankees' farm system and he could develop into a John Olerud type at some point in time.

However, the Mets have two high ceiling guys in Mike Carp and Nick Evans that could prove to be even better down the road. Evans has been compared to Pat Burrell offensively while Mike Carp is considered by some to be the best left-handed hitting prospect the Mets have had since Darryl Strawberry. Throw in a hitter of Brett Harper's ability and he becomes quite the wildcard himself as well.

Highest Ceilings: Mike Carp (Mets), Nick Evans (Mets), Brett Harper (Mets), John Urick (Yankees), Mike Dunn (Yankees)

Best Power: Mitch Jones (Yankees), Andy Phillips(Yankees), Brett Harper (Mets), Shelly Duncan (Yankees), Mike Carp (Mets)

Best Average: Andy Phillips (Yankees), Kyle Larsen (Yankees), Brett Harper (Mets), Mike Jacobs (Mets), John Urick (Yankees)

Best Defense: John Urick (Yankees), Kyle Larsen (Yankees), Mike Dunn (Yankees), Mike Carp (Mets), Shelly Duncan (Yankees)

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