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Swindle Continues To Open Some Eyes

Charleston reliever R.J. Swindle was rewarded for his outstanding effectiveness out of the bullpen this season with a promotion to triple-A Columbus on September 1 after multiple vacancies were left in the Columbus bullpen due to September call-ups. With the season coming to a conclusion, Swindle is determined to end it with the consistency he has displayed all year long.

R.J. Swindle, 23, may have what it takes to develop into a solid left-handed specialist down the road. The southpaw has shown the ability to retire left-handed batters with ease and it remains a constant focus for him heading into the off-season. Pitchers who have made a career in the big leagues as a left-handed specialist have been at a premium. It is a work-in-progress often times and in... Recommended Stories

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