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Q&A with Nardi Contreras - Part III

Nardi says Joba has a very quick arm

Nardi Contreras, the Yankees Minor League Pitching Coordinator, sits down with for a Q&A session. In Part Three of our six-part series, Nardi talks about the progress of Angel Reyes, what is his early opinion Joba Chamberlain, what has changed in Jeff Kennard, what he saw from J. Brent Cox, Matt DeSalvo, and more.

PinstripesPlus: Since we were talking about 2006 draft picks who signed late, let's touch base on Joba Chamberlain. What did you see from him in the short time you got to see him? Contreras: Joba was here when I was working with the Tampa club and the Gulf Coast League club so I got to see him a little bit more. Joba has a power arm, a very quick arm. The ball gets on the hitter real... Recommended Stories

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