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Q&A with Nardi Contreras - Part VI

Nardi Contreras, the Yankees Minor League Pitching Coordinator, sits down with for a Q&A session. In our final installment of our six-part series, Nardi explains why Francisco Castillo didn't have the same success in 2006, what he sees from R.J. Swindle, why Nick Peterson had a few too many walks, which new pitcher in 2006 impressed him the most, and more.

PinstripesPlus: Not many people had a year quite like R.J. Swindle. What can you tell us about his game? Contreras: He's unorthodox. He's a lefty from the side. He throws a sinker from the left-hand side, he has a little slider from the left-hand side, his changeup has action, and he has a curveball that he sweeps it around real slow. He knows how to pitch with all that stuff. He changes... Recommended Stories

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