Tejeda Coming Back Strong

Tejeda's fastball is close to being where it was

Ferdin Tejeda, the former shortstop turned pitcher, is recovering well from the injuries that have plagued him for the majority of the past two seasons. Tejeda, who returned this season from Tommy John surgery, admits that his recovery is difficult, but he is not letting it deter him from his goals.

"For me, it's hard, you know," Ferdin Tejeda said. "Coming back I want to work hard, my mentality and family help me."

Surprisingly, since the injury, Tejeda has not lost very much from his prominent 97 MPH fastball.

"After coming back here, I have been throwing around 94 or 95 MPH," he revealed.

Charleston Pitching Coach Carlos Reyes is also pleased with the progress Tejeda has made since his injury, and believes the velocity will get back to normal.

"He's been working hard, his velocity is getting up, and he looks good," said Reyes.

Despite the minor drop in velocity, Tejeda said that he is feeling better on the mound while throwing his fastball.

"I feel great using my arm now," said Tejeda. "I do not feel that I am over-throwing my arm; I am very happy."

According to Tejeda, the only pitch that has really been altered by his injury has been his slider, which has lost velocity.

"My velocity is below normal," he said of his slider. "Right now I'm throwing around 85 or 88 MPH; I usually throw around 90 MPH."

Coach Reyes agrees that Tejeda's slider is still developing to where it once was, but he also points out, that when he has it, he throws it well.

"His slider at times is a plus; he throws it hard, but we just want it to be more consistent," stated Reyes. "At times he shows a big league slider."

Reyes, who has coached Tejeda since he was converted to a pitcher, was not overly concerned with Tejeda's developing slider as it is not one of his primary pitches.

"His fastball and his changeup are his bread and butter pitch," said Reyes. "His slider is coming along, it's getting there."

Coach Reyes pointed out that Tejeda has the right mentality to get back to full strength and that his velocity will climb back to normal.

"He's working hard; it [velocity] will be back to form soon."

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