Hollander Getting To Work

Hollander is seeking better control on the mound

Right-hander Kyle Hollander is quickly establishing himself as one of the better relievers in Staten Island's bullpen this season. The undrafted rookie out of Louisville is currently 1-0 with a 1.29 ERA and has allowed only one run in five appearances.


"I didn't get here until June 25th because I was in the College World Series so I'm a little behind schedule on some stuff," said Kyle Hollander. "In some ways, I think it worked to my benefit because I didn't have a long layoff to get out of shape."

"Everything just kind of ran together for me. I think it's better to have everything run constant instead of sitting out a few weeks and trying to turn it back on. I'd rather just keep it going," he added."

In addition to getting acclimated, Hollander is working with the Yankees' staff trying to correct problems with his pitching motion that weren't addressed in college.

"We've been working mostly on mechanical stuff," said Hollander. "I've got a lot of mechanical problems that they're working out, especially on my back-side. I need to stay back and follow through."

"My mechanics were so inconsistent that the ball was doing something different every time I threw, so it was hard for me to control it. I work with Jeff [Ware] normally, he said. "He keeps me busy with everything that I have to do."

Hollander and the Yankees believe that better mechanics will ultimately lead to better command for the Oklahoma native.

"Control is my issue right now," he admitted. "I'm just trying to get repetitive mechanics, that way I'll know what my ball is going to do every time. I'll know where to start it and I'll know where it's going to move."

"Typically it's with my fastball when I struggle a lot with my control," said Hollander. "That's the pitch I've really been working on trying to command better. Then, I can work off that pitch to improve my other pitches."

Steadily showing signs of improvement with each game, Hollander admits that all the extra work needed to succeed at the professional level isn't easy.

"For me it's hard to work on just for the simple fact that I've never worked on it before," he said. "It's a big change having to work on it everyday. I'm used to just going out there and throwing, but now I have to due the extra work just to get by because the competition is getting better."

The lone run Hollander allowed this season occurred in the same game in which he earned his first professional win with the Yankees. The 22-year old gave up a solo home run to Brooklyn shortstop Jacob Eigsti in the 11th inning, only to have Staten Island score twice in the bottom of the inning for the win at home before a sellout crowd on July 4th.

"It was the first pitch of the inning," said Hollander. "I was just trying to get ahead of the hitter. The first pitch in extra innings you're not really thinking that he's looking to swing. I just threw it down the middle and he put a good swing on it."

For now, Hollander is focused on fixing his mechanics and improving his all-around game while at Staten Island.

"I want to just keep playing, learn all I can while I'm here, and try and contribute to the team," he said.

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