Wright Struggling With Control

Wright is headed to Trenton to work on his command

Chase Wright has jumped from Double-A Trenton to New York and back this season, but his command has degenerated during every step of the way. While Wright has flashed glimmers of brilliance at times, his lack of control is alarming to both Wright and the Yankees and it was one of the reasons he was sent back to Trenton.

"Right now, it's been hit or miss with me," Chase Wright admitted. "I've been struggling a lot with my command of all three pitches, but my changeup is my strongest pitch right now. I'm not getting the strikeouts I did in Trenton [earlier in the year], but that's just me getting used to the different levels of play I guess."

"Different levels of play" is the story of Chase Wright's 2007 season. After a strong Spring Training, Wright found himself dominating the Eastern League while pitching with the Trenton Thunder.

After only three Double-A starts, Wright was called up to New York to start against the Cleveland Indians in place of an injured Carl Pavano, and pitched well enough to warrant another start.

His next Major League start resulted in a demotion to Scranton, where Wright had spent the majority of his 2007 season.

"It was tough. I figured I'd be in Double-A the whole season, and if I pitched good, I could get a promotion to Triple-A near the end of the year. I never expected to pitch for the Yankees this season, let alone against Boston," said Wright.

"It was really tough adjusting to each level, starting in Trenton and going to New York and heading back to Scranton. It was hard jumping around like that and adjusting to different leagues," he added. "Don't get me wrong, it's been exciting, but I'm just down on myself lately."

Wright pitched exceptionally well in his first go-around with Trenton, compiling a tremendous strikeout-to-walk ratio, but has suffered with his command ever since his promotion to the majors.

"I can do a lot better than what I've done, I am shying away from the strike zone and my command has been really off," said the southpaw.

With Triple-A Scranton, Wright yielded a 40/42 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 85 1/3 innings, and during his three month tenure with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, he's only had more strikeouts than walks in a month once.

"A lot has been running against me lately," he said. "I've been loosing my temper a lot, and when I loose my head on the mound, it leads me to overthrow and my fastball suffers when that happens."

"It's always been hard for my to put together a few good starts in a row, that's been a major problem this season too," Wright added.

While it would be easy to blame the fact that this is Wright's first season in Triple-A, mechanics seem to be the source of his control issues, not a more competitive league.

"I've been rushing a lot and my mechanics suffer," he revealed. "I need to keep my mechanics simple and keep the ball low. I haven't been doing that at all lately. It's going to take a lot of work to get back on course."

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