Reese Hopes To Turn It Around

Reese has just one extra-base hit in last 18 games

Scranton outfielder Kevin Reese has had a season full of highs and lows. After a frigid April, he made adjustments to his swing and improved his offense every month going forward, and helped carry the team with his bat in July. Now, in the final month of the season, Reese's offensive numbers have taken a dip, but he is working on his mechanics to ensure that he finishes the season strong.


"Obviously I feel tired, the season is coming to an end and your body starts to wear down," said Kevin Reese. "But it feels good to be in first, I'm really pumped about that."

The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees have Reese to thank for their spot in the standings. In a tremendously hot July, Reese hit .291 with five home runs, helping the team to a 17-10 month.

Thanks to Reese's presence at the top of the order, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre offense had a patient batter hitting in front of their heavy hitters during that span.

"I was batting at the top of the order, and I wanted to make sure I never got behind in the count," said Reese, who had drawn double digits walks for the fourth straight month. "Guys like Shelley [Duncan] and Chavey [Angel Chavez] were batting really well, and I wanted to get on base so they could do their thing."

"It felt good to be a major part of the offense, especially after not being a part of it during the first couple months of the season. Anytime you can be involved in winning and helping the team offensively is a great feeling," he added.

"I just made some adjustments, and found a better position to hit and it worked out."

Things have not been working out lately though. So far this month, Reese has looked lost at the plate; in 11 games, Reese is hitting .243 with no extra base hits.

"Mechanically I've been off for a little while, and hopefully I can figure some things out, and continue to hit well."

Reese worked with hitting coach Butch Wynegar to break out of his slump early in the season, and the widening of his batting stance did wonders for his swing.

He finished the first month of the season with a .169 batting average, but Reese has hit his way to a .247 thanks a strong June and July. His offensive numbers have taken a fall since the beginning of August, but Reese hopes to improve in the final weeks of the season.

"I just want to get consistent, quality at-bats from here on out. I don't want to give away at-bats or strike out too much. I want to keep playing hard and finish strong."

"My season has definitely been below average so far. Some things were off early, blame it on the injury or whatever. Hopefully I can finish up strong and hit like I did last month."

"I just have to keep working, it's the only way," Reese added.

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