Wright Focused On Finishing Strong

Wright makes another start on Monday

After giving up four consecutive homeruns to the Boston Red Sox and being demoted from the New York Yankees to the Trenton Thunder last season, many were quick to write off Chase Wright as a lost cause. However, this year, Wright has reaffirmed himself as an excellent left-handed pitching prospect despite a lengthy injury that forced him to miss a month.

"It was more shoulder tiredness than anything too major so I was on the DL to just get it rested up," said Wright, dismissing the injury as minor. "It feels really good now though, I'm fully recovered."

Trenton's pitching coach Scott Aldred also was unconcerned about the missed time, noting that Wright has been able to pick right up where he left off.

"He was out and he missed some time, so hopefully it comes back quick for him and get him right back on track," said Aldred. "From what I've seen, he seems to be going pretty good right now, moving in the right direction."

Wright has met with success both before and after the injury, posting a combined 2.96 ERA while allowing less than a hit per inning pitched. However, the walk numbers have been high since returning from his injury, walking 28 batters in fifty-seven and two-thirds innings.

"He needs to work on getting back to where he was last year at the beginning of the year with his command of his fastball and his changeup," said a less than concerned Aldred. "His breaking ball is coming around nicely and he's throwing it for good strikes, the spin and break are getting more consistent."

The breaking ball is a bit of an anomaly, keeping hitters and scouts alike baffled in its inconsistency, varying from slider to curveball from pitch-to-pitch.

"I still say it is more in between [a slider and a curveball], it's just more of a breaking ball," said Wright. "I have been trying to throw it a little harder lately. Sometimes it's more of a curveball and sometimes it's a slider, it's just in the middle there."

While the pitch itself will change on the fly, Wright remains positive about his breaking ball and even credits it with his most recent success.

"The first couple starts back were a little shaky in terms of controlling the offspeed stuff but definitely the last few starts the command is back to where it was at the beginning of the year and it's as good right now as it's been," said Wright.

However, recently the results have started to come around. Although he still walked six in nineteen innings, he has allowed only three runs [1.40 ERA] and sixteen hits during that time. Wright's ability to get right-handers out has a lot to do with his success.

"Definitely to right-handers I am able to pitch in more and get a strikeout inside or with a fastball or a slider backdoor," Wright said, "but really I would say that the changeup is the pitch I get the majority of my strikeouts against the righties."

Putting the injury behind him, Wright has begun to return to the form that earned him a call-up with the big league club last year in the hopes that the next time he gets the call he is there to stay. Aldred likes the way he is pitching.

"From what I've seen, he seems to be going pretty good right now, moving in the right direction," added Aldred.

Wright also seems to be focusing on closing the season maintaining his high level of results and improvement.

"I've just got to keep it going here," said Wright. "There is not a whole lot of the season left so I hopefully just want to keep pitching the way I've been pitching and finish strong."

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