Krum Going Strong in The Second Half

Things are looking up for Krum these days

Charleston Riverdogs outfielder Austin Krum has taken quite a liking to opposing pitching in the second half, hitting a hefty .310 in July and .389 so far in August. He recently had his eleven-game hit streak snapped on Friday, six of those being multi-hit games, and he already has more home runs this month than all of July.

Krum claims to owe all his recent success to consistency. While he may have been a victim of erratic play in the first half, Krum, who was a second-half player for Staten Island last season as well, has been able to slow himself down and make easy and quick adjustments at the plate.

"I feel like my approach is becoming more consistent," he opined. "Whereas in the first half I would be really streaky, now I'm making adjustments on the fly and overall keeping a more consistent approach."

Riverdogs Manager Torre Tyson believed from the outset of Spring Training that Krum was a Major League player waiting to happen and the only thing standing in the way of that was Krum.

"He's proven to me in the first hundred or so games that he's the only one standing in the way of himself and playing in the big leagues," said Tyson, "because tools-wise it's all there and if he can just avoid getting frustrated with himself, there's no stopping him."

Avoiding getting discouraged with his own ability is something Krum highlights as well when it comes to what he still needs to improve upon this season and in the future.

"Sometimes I try to go at things too hard, especially at the plate," Krum admitted. "I'll try and hit the ball too hard or try to do too much with a certain thing. I have to let the game come to me and learn to stay within myself, so when that gets figured out I should be fine."

After such a great July at the plate, the California native came into August determined to continue his success. Krum says Yankees training mindset and his individual coaches here in Charleston are the answer to his second half surge.

"They've just done wonders with all of us here and it's the way the Yankees philosophy carries over and the results take care of themselves," he said. "We've been working on trying to stay balanced and maybe going the other way with the ball.

"It's not an every at-bat scenario, but more of a working theme so that I'm not trying to do too much."

"He's got to tone things down and make things easier," said Tyson. "This is a guy I've been telling to tone it down all year and I don't have another guy on the team like that.

"I would much rather have a guy like that who I need to take the intensity out of than someone I have to push. And it is way easier to pull a guy back than it is to kick him the rear."

It's tough talk but Krum is a passionate player who never takes a day off and works as hard as anyone out there. With all of this on his shoulders, he takes a broad look at how he wants to continue the second half.

"I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and help this team out," he said. "We're all still working as hard as we can and I think this is going to be an interesting couple of weeks."

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