Anson Making The Most Of It

Anson has made strides receiving the ball

Kyle Anson made a huge leap on to the Yankees prospect scene last season with his remarkable throwing prowess in his first season at catcher. Fast forward to 2008, his second season behind the plate, the former third baseman continues to make strides at his newest position and he's making the most of what has been another year marred by an injury.

"At that time I was hitting balls right at people," Anson said of his performance before the injury. "I was hitting at least one ball hard a game, sometimes two, but I wasn't finding the holes. That happens and I wasn't worried about it.

"It's just one of those things where I was hitting well, still doing my thing and staying with my program and it just didn't happen to fall for me."

He hit just .250 but drew seven more walks than strikeouts in the first-half of the season and earned All-Star honors in the Florida State League with the Tampa Yankees before a collision at home plate against the Clearwater Phillies on June 2nd put him on the shelf once again.

No stranger to battling injuries in his professional career after seriously injuring his knee in both 2005 and 2006, Anson strained all the ligaments in his right foot and also turned his ankle in what many described as a dirty play by the opposition.

"As you know, I get hurt, crazy [stuff] every year," said Anson. "Every injury is pretty disappointing. You think it's not going to happen again this time and it does. I get tired of it. It's a big deal to me but you've got to learn to live with it."

He hit just .111 in seven rehab games with the Gulf Coast League Yankees before making his return to Tampa and hit just .242 with no RBI in his first 12 games back in the Florida State League.

"It took me a while to get back into the swing of things," he admitted. "I started getting back on a roll and it's just one of those things where you can't be a baby about it. You've got to stay above it and try and play through it."

Accustomed to having multi-hit games throughout his career, Anson hasn't collected one of those since July 26th but he is making some progress, finding his early season stroke with a seven-game hit streak through Wednesday night [tying his season-high hit streak].

"At the plate I don't feel that bad," he said. "I'm not [always] getting a good swing on it. I'm not hitting it hard and it's just one of those things. I can't explain it but every new day can change it all.

"Today could be the start of something hot or for the rest of the season. The end of the season's not that far away and I don't want to end the season and think about how bad I did, I want to end the season a good note."

Despite being one of his own worst critics, the former Texas State University third baseman is trying to focus on the positives of another season marked by another serious injury.

"I'm not going to be satisfied with this year no matter what," he noted. "Personally it's going to mean a lot, though, to get through this little bit of strife and be able to pick it up. Ending any season on a good note is good because you've got six months to think about it."

While he always strives to be the .300 hitter he believes he can be, there's a lot to like about his .374 on-base percentage this season but he is more content with the strides he has made defensively.

"It was going real well until I got hurt," he said of his defensive game. "There for a couple of weeks I was a step slow, half a step slow. Now receiving the ball, I think, is the best I've ever been at it.

"There's things I can't control and I'm learning to deal with that. It's one of those seasons, or half season, where you've got to stay above it."

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