Marshall Not Satisfied

Brett Marshall wants more than a spot

Brett Marshall had but one main goal prior to the start of Spring Training and that was breaking camp with the Charleston Riverdogs. Though he has accomplished that feat, he still isn't completely satisfied.

"I kind of already knew I was going to Charleston because they were getting me ready," Brett Marshall said of his promotion. "They kept adding innings in each outing so I kind of figured they were getting me ready to be a starter, and because [Jeremy] Bleich got moved to Tampa.

"It's real exciting. That was my goal coming into Spring Training. I wanted to start in Charleston. That happened so my next goal is to hopefully move up by the end of the year."

While he's happy with the chance to break camp with a long-season league team, he wasn't exactly thrilled with his overall Spring Training performance.

"Camp went good. The first outing was alright. It went better and my last outing wasn't too good. I was supposed to go five innings and I only got through four," said Marshall, who gave up four hits [including two home runs] and three walks in that final outing.

"It wasn't good. You're going to have those games, they're going to happen. I'd rather it happen then than starting the season off."

Mixing good games with some bad ones, he also saw his stuff range up and down in Spring Training and he's still seeking some consistency with his pitches.

"I got my fastball up there a couple of times, around 95-96 MPH," he said. "That felt good. On my good days I was hitting my spots with my fastball.

"My changeup worked on my good days and I'm still working on the curveball. One curveball I throw may just be dirty and I'll hit my spot, and the next one I might not know where it's going. I'm still trying to get the consistency down on the curveball."

Not really knowing what would be working for him on any given day, while he achieved his number one objective, he admits it wasn't the greatest Spring Training camp for him and he didn't meet his individual goals.

"Pitching-wise, no," he admitted. "I think it may take me a year to get all of my pitching mechanics down. My mechanics have come a long way though. During Spring I wanted to polish up on them.

"I didn't really like when I went to the stretch with runners on, that wasn't the best. When I was in the wind-up I was pretty much lights out, but once a runner got on I just couldn't find it.

"In the last couple of games I got better at it and kept the ball down. To tell you the truth I wasn't pleased with all of my outings."

He lists taking care of his arm as his primary objective for the upcoming South Atlantic League season and adjusting from the 34-game high school schedule to the 142-game minor league schedule, among other things.

"I also want to start controlling my pitches, try to be consistent with my arm action, and get this curveball down," he continued. "I think once I get this down and start throwing it for strikes it's going to be a pretty dirty curveball."

While most 19-year old pitchers with just six professional innings to their credit would be content with making the jump to A-ball in their first full-season, Marshall wants more.

"I'm not saying I had a bad camp, but I know it could have been better," he stoically said. "I'm never going to be pleased. I could throw a no-hitter and I could still sit back and list the things that didn't go right. I'll never be satisfied."

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