Fryer Looking For Consistent Stroke

Fryer is hitting .303 in his last ten games

Eric Fryer had a breakout season last year, finishing second in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system with a .335 average while showing a great combination of power and speed. A newcomer to the Yankees organization, he is off to a slow start this season, however, and he's hoping to find the same consistent stroke he had a year ago.

Eric Fryer was promoted from the South Atlantic League where he played with the West Virginia Power [Brewers' farm team] last season. The outfielder has begun this season with a .230 average through his first 30 games with the Tampa Yankees.

"(This season) started out pretty good the first week or so," Fryer said. "Then I kind of ran into a little bit of a slump and I've been working hard to get my foot in and back to where I want to be. It's starting to come around the past [few] games."

Fryer, who is hitting .303 with three of his five extra-base hits this season in the last ten games, is trying to adjust to the increase of talent he has faced so far in the High-A level. He said the size of the ball parks add some difficulty because the ball doesn't travel as far.

"The pitchers are more consistent — that's the biggest change I've seen," he said. "They control all their pitches, not just fastball and maybe one other one. It's just been finding my approach to being more consistent, because the pitchers are obviously better at this level."

Duplicating his numbers from last year or even better is something on Fryer's list of accomplishments this season.

"I'm definitely hoping to do that," he said. "Right now it's just a matter of finding my niche and what my role is going to be on the team, because last year it was a little different in West Virginia than this year."

Last year, Fryer played both catcher and outfielder.

"[This year] I'm going to be more of a guy trying to get on base and letting the three or four guys drive me in," he said. "So, I think if I can get on base and get in the scoring position then I'll be better for the team."

Fryer was traded for Chase Wright and he joined the Tampa Yankees right before the start of Spring Training.

"I had to go through the process of meeting everyone again," he said. "I thought I did alright [in Spring Training]. It really wasn't that difficult to get along with the guys, because I think all baseball players are pretty much the same. It worked out pretty well, we all seemed to mesh pretty well."

Fryer said the main goal, as a team, is to make the playoffs.

"We want to come around," he said. "We were struggling for a little while, but we're kind of getting on a little bit of a roll here."

In his personal game, he is hoping to hit around .300 and get on base. Fryer said he is still getting used to being in the outfield full-time, but there are some areas of his game that he is happy with.

"I feel like I'm a pretty good base runner," said Fryer, who has six stolen bases this season. "I work the counts pretty well. I work the pitchers pretty well and it's just a matter of getting more consistent with my everyday approach of the game."

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