Another Step For Brewer

Brewer has hit safely in 7 of his first 11 games

The coach asked him for David Adams' number so Adam's could be informed of his promotion. Dan Brewer was excited for Adams, his friend and teammate, but little did Brewer know that he was getting promoted too.

It wasn't until after the All-Star game in West Virginia that the team told Brewer he was also getting promoted to the Tampa Yankees' high-A team.

"I didn't think I was going to [be promoted] just from what I had heard," Brewer said. "Then absolutely I was 100 percent really excited to be called up."

After a rough Spring Training, Brewer said he had a slow start in Charleston and wasn't playing as much as he liked.

"When I started playing every day, I kind of took off with my batting average and was hitting really well…I worked hard to get to what I did and was pleased," he said.

Brewer finished in Charleston with a .323 batting average. He said he wants to use this promotion as an opportunity to keep having that success.

"It's just an extra step. I mean all of our goals is to eventually get to the big leagues," Brewer said. "It's just the next step. I'm happy to be here.

"It was one of my goals to be here by mid-season so I'm happy I achieved that. Hopefully, I can just keep going and keep setting my goals and achieve those."

He spent more time in Charleston as a designated hitter rather than in the field. Brewer said he struggled defensively in Charleston and is spending time in Tampa working on those skills.

The advancement of the pitchers is the biggest adjustment to the new high-A league, he said.

"Pitchers learn to throw all three of their pitches for strikes and kind of command the zone better," he said.

Although he will have to make adjustments as a hitter to be successful against the ability of high-A pitchers, Brewer said that challenge will benefit his game.

Due to the command ability of the pitchers, he said it's less likely that hitters will face pitchers who are "effectively wild."

Brewer said he has come a long way since signing with the Yankees last year. Brewer said the biggest thing he is working on is his swing path.

Despite the advice of coaches in both college and the minors, Brewer has been reluctant to make some changes to his hitting, but he said he's finally given in.

"I've been a little stubborn about it just because I've had my own hitting philosophies and what I've had worked for me my whole life," he said. "So it's been hard to stray away from that…Now, I feel better, I feel like I've been a better hitter all together."

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