Arcia Glad To Be Starting This Season

Arcia has just one strikeout in his last 12 games

It's never easy for any player to come off of the bench, especially for young prospects. Catcher Francisco Arcia is in his second year with the Gulf Coast League Yankees and instead of being disappointed to repeat the league, he is happy to have moved from last season's back-up to this year's full-time catcher.

"I feel better now actually [than last year] because I am playing every day and I am not just the back-up, I am the regular starting catcher," Francisco Arcia said with the help of a translator.

Arcia is putting up impressive numbers both offensively and defensively. He currently holds a batting average of .317 with seven doubles and more walks than strikeouts, a huge leap from last season's average of .128. He credits this improvement to more practice and more game opportunities.

"The key point was that I am playing now every day," Arcia said. "Last year I wasn't a starting catcher, but now I am getting more at-bats and more practice at the same time."

Arcia's goal for batting is to continue to hit hard and also to work on hitting to the opposite field because as far as he is concerned, he is "not too good at that right now."

As for his catching, Arcia has racked up 118 put outs this season and has a 28 percent caught stealing percentage, increasing from last season's 15 percent. He is very satisfied with his defensive skills and his throws to second are always with confidence.

"I think I'm doing really well and I want to just keep playing the same way I am playing now," Arcia said. "I'm really happy with my throws to second base and I feel comfortable behind home plate."

Being a Venezuela native, his lingering obstacle as a catcher is the language barrier between him and the pitchers he is working with.

"I am still working on the language to communicate better with pitchers, American pitchers," he admitted. "It is getting easier and better every year, though."

Arcia will continue to do what he is doing now and says that hard work will hopefully pay off.

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