Turley Still Searching For Consistency

Turley has a 1.86 ERA in his last two starts

After a bad start where he walked five batters towards the end of July, Gulf Coast League Yankees pitcher Nik Turley followed it with two good starts. He is looking for a way to get past dropping a clunker every couple of starts. His solution: consistency with his pitches and his mechanics.

"I need to work on just consistency with my mechanics and all my pitches," Turley said, "working hard in the bullpen and working hard at practice. I started off well, but two or three games have been rough."

Turley was not thrilled about his starting performance against the Clearwater Phillies back on July 22nd, giving up three runs in the first four innings and walking a season-high five batters.

However, after giving up just two earned runs combined in his last two starts, both Turley and pitching Coach Carlos Chantres stay optimistic for Turley's performances in the future.

"I was a little disappointed in my performance [that day]," Turley said. "I walked a lot of guys. My stuff just wasn't there. I need to get more consistent with my pitches and I'll be all right."

One aspect of his game that has thrown him off is that his once-reliable curveball has not been as accurate lately.

"My go-to pitch was my curveball at the beginning of the season," Turley says, "but I'm having a little trouble controlling it. Right now it's either my changeup or fastball [that I rely on.]"

"His curveball is going through a little phase, a little bump in the road right now, which is not a big deal," Chantres said before Turley's last start on Thursday. "He just needs to overcome that and be able to throw his curveball and changeup for strikes in any count. Mentally, he needs to get back where he used to be and go from there.

"However, he has improved tremendously this season especially considering how late he signed last year — he was here for only a couple starts. His delivery looks a lot better and his pitches are getting better, so I would say overall he's doing good."

Neither Chantres nor Turley himself was surprised that he was placed back in the Gulf Coast League for another season simply because of his age and his inexperience pitching at this level.

"I was a little disappointed [to repeat the league]," Turley admitted, "but I think it's probably the best for me right now. I'm a high school guy and it takes a little bit more time. I'll just stay at it and keep working hard."

"He needs it here," Chantres added. "It's not a bad thing. It is just a step you need to take. Next year here he won't be here, for me at least, but he still needs to get those secondary pitches where they need to be in order to move to the next level."

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