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Venditte has a 1.06 ERA after the All Star break

It's not every day that the manager of a baseball team can call one of it's a pitchers a ‘weapon', especially when that player is still in the minor leagues. But being someone who can throw with both arms makes them more than just a regular pitcher. In fact, it makes them Pat Venditte, Trenton Thunder's own secret weapon pitcher.

"It's a pretty good weapon to have," Thunder manager Tony Franklin said. "[In fact,] I'd like to have a couple more weapons like [him]. He is not a gimmick. The kid is all about business.

"There's nothing like a circus atmosphere surrounding what he does. And I'm sure he wants it that way because he is a tremendously hard worker and competitor. He's pretty doggone good. He's done a lot for us this year."

Recently, Venditte has seen remarkable progress on the mound, allowing his progress to show through strikes. But has it been enough to prove he can throw against higher level batters?

"As far as what I'm ready for, that's up to the Yankees," said Venditte. "I have to continue to prove myself everyday at this level. I've done better but I'm still not to where I need to be as far as being consistent every outing. There are still days where I don't have my best stuff and I'm trying to eliminate that."

"Yeah, I think he will be okay," said Franklin. "It's just a matter of when he will get that opportunity. I think if Pat continues success at this level then he's going to get the opportunity somewhere down the line to show that he can pitch a little bit higher.

"Like most of the guys here, this is what they're trying to do and prove to everyone that they're worthy of a promotion. He's doing well. I came away feeling he is a tremendous individual. You got to like the guy first of all and for what he does on the field and the way he goes about his business, it's a bonus to be honest."

As for his mindset on the mound, Venditte knows that no one, including himself, is perfect. Although he has improved quite greatly out on the mound, he still knows where he has to make some changes.

"[I have to work on] locating and being more consistent with having two to four consistent outings back to back to back," said Venditte. " [I need ] to work on my sharpness too."

With the changes that he has made since the last time PinstripesPlus spoke to him, it is a wonder to know what his mindset has moved to as well.

"Anytime you do so well you get more confidence," Venditte said. "It's just one of those things where it kind of builds. It took me a little while to get that here in Double-A, but the more I'm out there the more I feel comfortable.

"[But] I [plan] to stick with the routine that I've had the whole year, [because] it's got me to a good position here. I want to finish the last month here strong and get ready for the playoff portion."

And he will be out on the mound more thanks to his recent success with the Thunder. As we close in to the end of the season, one can only wonder where we will see him next.

"I really don't know what they have in store for me," said Venditte. "I don't really have a level goal. My main objective is just to make improvements everyday and one day [become] the best I can be."

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