Bleich Looking Ahead

Bleich is still at the minor league complex

Jeremy Bleich, who had labrum surgery on his throwing shoulder back on June 25th of 2010, was progressing steadily in his rehab this past season until he hit a late-minute snag and will now have to wait until 2012 to make his comeback bid fully complete.

"The rehab was going good," he said. "I was throwing live BP's and everything and then got a little tenderness in my bicep so we shut it down for a little bit.

"I'm just play light catch right now just to make sure everything is good and then I'm probably going to take some time off for the offseason. I was actually throwing real well and then caught a little snag.

"I've been working [the rehab] for so long I probably just overworked myself a little bit. I was throwing a lot and the soreness is probably from that. Everything is fine, we just had to shut it down for a couple of weeks and give it some rest."

Bleich was getting real close to pitching in actual games too. He had thrown four live batting practice sessions and was scheduled to pitch in a Gulf Coast League game towards the end of August, but he felt the tenderness in his last live BP session.

"I was a little bit frustrated," he said. "My goal was to get into a game but the fact that I wasn't able to was definitely a little bit frustrating, but I felt like I made some progress throughout that process."

In fact, while he readily admits to not having the best control of his pitches before being shut down, he did, however, start seeing the power come back into his repertoire.

"I was actually pretty good," he said. "The ball was really coming out of hand well. A few things I wanted to get more consistent on was things like location and stuff like that, but for the most part I felt strong and the ball was coming out of my hand well. It was just a matter of continuing to do it to get back closer to [returning].

"The more I threw the more it came back. Every BP was better than the previous one. It was actually going really well, that's what was a little bit frustrating when we shut it down."

Currently still at the minor league complex while he continues to do some short-tossing sessions, the plan has Bleich shutting it down in the very near future for the remainder of the offseason and then resting until reporting early for Spring Training next season.

"I think when you look at it in the present it might be frustrating but you never know, some real rest might be really beneficial for next year," Bleich said. "You've just got to keep working hard and build what I had built on, and continue to move forward.

"My shoulder is fine. I just had some soreness [in the bicep] from throwing for so long. It was just tender so we shut it down. My goal now is to break camp next Spring Training, for sure. Everything is good."

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