Mustelier Doing A Bit Of Everything

Mustelier hit his 9th AAA home run on Saturday

Ronnier Mustelier has been a key member of Scranton/Wilkes-Barre's success since his promotion to the ball club in late April. Besides being able to play multiple positions throughout the infield and outfield, he has provided a nice spark in the middle of the batting lineup.

The recently turned 28-year-old cruised through the months of May and June with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, displaying excellent power similar to his brief stints with Double-A Trenton earlier this season as well as last season in the Gulf Coast League and the Florida State League.

However, the month of July was different. Ronnier Mustelier suffered his first speed bump. He injured his right thumb, sidelining him from July 15th to July 30th.

According to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees strength and conditioning coach Lee Tressel, Mustelier had to wait for his hand and thumb to heal and for the swelling to subside before being given the green light to return.

"The injury I got was a thumb inflammatory so it was like two weeks," Mustelier said through a translator. "I had to get it iced, [used the] hot tub, and electric shock. Now I feel good."

After missing nearly two weeks of the season, the infielder/outfielder was excited to return the field. In his first game back from the disabled list, he knocked in a run against the Pawtucket Red Sox. Since that game on July 30th, Mustelier has started nearly every game for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees.

"I don't feel like a hundred percent in the games but the thumb is a hundred percent. I don't have a rhythm yet but I feel good."

Mustelier has batted only .256 [10-39] since his return. This was a sharp decline from batting .287 in his first full month with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in May. The right-handed hitter followed that up by posting a .324 average in June and a .271 batting average in the injury plagued July.

In only his second season in the minor leagues and his first full season, Mustelier has been impressive at the plate though. In 99 total games this season, he has fourteen home runs and 25 doubles.

At only 5-feet-10 inches, Mustelier is not your stereotypical power hitter. The slugger generates his power from his hands, a skill he first learned when he began playing baseball in Cuba.

"I have got quick hands." Mustelier added. "It's something they kinda show to you when you are little. [Snapping his hands in demonstration] I got a quick hand and that's how I [get power]."

Mustelier is not concerned his thumb injury will impact his bat. He is confident he can battle through and help the SWB Yankees clinch a playoff berth in the International League.

Although his bat heaps much praise, Mustelier's defense is a topic of much discussion. He has played second base, third base, and all of the outfield positions during his brief minor league experience.

After primarily suiting up at third base to begin the season with Double-A Trenton, Mustelier has now adjusted to playing left field on a daily basis. In fact, he is now recorded on the active roster as an outfielder and thus no longer listed as an infielder.

"[Versatlity] is something [that is] really good for me. I can play like infield and outfield because I can hit."

Mustelier acknowledges his bat makes him a serviceable option for the big league club. His ability to hit can answer questions regarding any deficiency he has on the field.

"The way I hit I can play infield or outfield and it will help me more get to the big leagues. I can hit good and I can play any base," Mustelier concluded.

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