Campos Picking It Up

Campos has a 1.36 ERA in his last 8 starts

CHARLESTON, SC - Last year was a lost season of sorts for right-hander Jose Campos as he made all of five starts for Charleston before being shut down with a nagging elbow injury. He's making up for lost time in 2013, however, pitching consistently from the start of the season and now making a strong push here in the second-half of the Charleston season.

"It's going well," Campos said through the help of a translator. "The first half was a little slow but I think I have picked it up in the second half and I know I am going to finish really strong.

"On a day-to-day basis whether it's good or bad I try to stick to the same routine and same approach. I am trying to be really consistent this season with my routine. I am almost religious about it."

That has been the main focus this season, a year after missing the final four months of the 2012 season. While he has been on a strict innings and pitch limit in 2013, the whole designed plan has been to build up innings and arm strength.

Throughout the 2013 season, Campos has been working with RiverDogs pitching coach Danny Borrell. They both have been continuing to examine what aspects of his game need to be improved to take it to the next level.

"This year I have really been focusing on mechanics," he said. "Everyday I have been working with our pitching coach, Danny. I just really am taking it one day at a time and things are really feeling good."

Most recently, the 195-pound pitcher has been working on adding a slider to his repertoire of pitches.

"[The] slider is the new pitch," Campos revealed. "I really have been practicing it but as of now haven't thrown it yet [in games]. Hopefully in the next game I will throw it. I really am getting good confidence in it and I like it."

Borrell also commented on the way Campos' slider is looking right now.

"It is looking good," Borrell exclaimed. "It is developing right now. Whenever we feel comfortable with him throwing it in a game we will do it. But I think for the most part it gives him good separation, differential between his curveball and slider. It gives him a better feel. So we will see."

Although Campos hasn't thrown his newly discovered pitch in game, both of his coaches are confident about inserting into his lineup. In fact, Borrell believes Campos has been better in pretty much every way possible in 2013.

"He has been very good," Borrell stated. "He has stayed very healthy and been very good, pretty much every time out; good fastball, good curveball, good change, a little bit better than what we saw last year."

Borrell has honed in on Campos' weaknesses and worked with him to take his game to the next level.

"A little bit of delivery stuff," Borrell acknowledged. "We have been trying to get him to stay on his legs a little bit more as well as drive with his legs. For the most part though it is just making sure he answers the bell."

Known primarily for his fastball-curveball combination before being acquired from the Mariners, the 6-foot-4 hurler now believes that his changeup is his best pitch. Campos knows all of his pitches are going to be tough for hitters to swing at when his changeup is going well.

"Changeup for sure," Campos said. "I work off my changeup really well and it helps out all of my pitches. When my changeup is going well I can do a lot of things up on the mound."

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