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Injuries Still Can’t Get The Best Of Snyder

Snyder has 11 doubles in his last 30 games

TAMPA, FL - If an injury exists, chances are Tampa first baseman Matt Snyder has endured it. Since his college days at Ole Miss, Snyder has battled a cocktail of afflictions including shoulder dislocations, shattered jaws, broken wrists, and torn hamstrings. Most recently, he suffered a torn thumb ligament that caused him to miss several weeks of this season.

Many would understandably feel the urge to give up after being pelted with malady after malady, but not Snyder. Just simply being in his presence you can tell that he’s the type of guy that will hold his head high regardless of his situation. “I feel great these days man,” he said. “I missed almost two years [cumulatively] if you think about it and hadn’t played for a really long time coming... Recommended Stories

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