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The Bottom Line: Maybe It Won't Be So Bad

Nick Johnson Is Probably Headed To Montreal

News reports are slowly trickling in that the Yankees dealt Nick Johnson and Juan Rivera to the Expos for Javier Vazquez. When I first learned of this, I was angered. It seemed like the Yankees were dealing away another future star for something they may or may not have needed. But after further thought and discussion, I've decided to calm down and relax. This trade really isn't so bad once you think about it.

People don't realize it, but it's pretty tough being a Yankee fan.  You have to get used to seeing your nestlings leave the nest long before they're ready to make room for bigger birds.  But this is the way the Yankees have always operated and, as long as George Steinbrenner is in command, will always operate.  The difference this time is that while the Yankees usually do this kind of thing mid... Recommended Stories

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