Anson Doing Well Despite Learning Curve

Anson is becoming a beast behind the plate

Kyle Anson began his career in the Yankees organization as a third baseman, whose only duties were fielding and hitting. With his move to catcher, Anson can now add managing a pitching staff to his list of responsibilities.

"Now that I'm the one that's calling pitches, I need to focus more," stated Kyle Anson. "Now that I'm catching, I have to keep the pitcher in the game; whereas at third, the pitcher was the one keeping me focused in the game."

Pitching Coach Carlos Reyes is excited about the Anson's transition to catcher and the progress that he has made throughout the course of the season in his ability to manage the pitching staff.

"He does a great job," said Reyes. "He's really come a long ways and its fun to have him back there. He's reading bat speeds; he gets better and better since he works hard."

Anson, who sat out the 2006 season due to a lower calf injury, made the move to catcher following his 2005 season playing for Staten Island.

One of Anson's biggest assets behind the plate, as well as part of the reason the organization decided to move him to catcher, is due to his incredible defensive arm strength.

"I hope my arm strength is a plus. It's something that I've always had; I hope it helps me behind the plate," admitted Anson.

Coach Reyes also spoke praises about the arm strength and speed that Kyle Anson has been able to transfer to his new position.

"He has one of the quickest releases I've seen in my career," said Reyes.

Anson, who leads all South Atlantic League catchers by throwing out fifty-two percent of base runners trying to steal, admits that he is still a work in progress behind the plate. Despite this, he believes that he will improve as he continues to catch more games.

"Last year [2006] was rough with the injury and stuff. I'm starting to get the hang of it now, but it was hard for a while," he revealed.

According to Anson, the hardest part of changing to a position such has catcher has been the mental aspect more so than the physical aspect.

"There is so much technicality too it, it's unbelievable. I could never imagine how hard it was going to be. It's mentally draining calling every pitch."

Anson, despite transferring his amazing defensive abilities from third base to home, admits that he is still nowhere near where he wants to be as a catcher.

"I'm still learning everyday about different situations and what to do. I'm not even half-way there, I don't think," said Anson.

According to Coach Reyes, Anson's progress behind the plate is right on schedule with someone learning such a demanding position.

"He's getting better and better every time out and the main thing is that he is smart out there. He is learning how to call games and it shows," said Reyes. "Honestly, I compare him to a Pudge Rodriguez, in an exact way."

With a player like Anson, who is still learning the position, being compared to Pudge Rodriguez; it seems as if there is a potential future star in the making behind the plate.

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