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Q&A with Nardi Contreras - Part V

Nardi says Melancon can move quickly

Nardi Contreras, the Yankees Minor League Pitching Coordinator, sits down with for a long Q&A session. In part five of our multi-part series, Nardi gives us insights on Jhonathan Ortiz, why Garrett Patterson's numbers weren't better, why Scott Patterson didn't move up quicker, if Mark Melancon can move up quickly next season, and more.

PinstripesPlus: Whether or not he had back issues this year, it was certain Angel Reyes had command issues. Did you see anything from him towards the tail-end of the year that might be encouraging signs for next season? Contreras: I did not see Angel Reyes. He's still working on his delivery. Back problems or whatever it may be, he was not as consistent. There may still be something that... Recommended Stories

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