Nuñez Working His Way To The Power Bunch

Raymond Nuñez will be one to keep an eye on

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Raymond Nuñez showed up at the Yankees tryouts this past offseason down in the Dominican Republic as a third baseman, but the Yankees scouts quickly noted his potential was on the other corner of the diamond. Preparing to begin his career in the Dominican Summer League, Nuñez says it won't be a problem to make that adjustment.

Signed late in November of 2007, Dominican first baseman Raymond Nuñez is in the "Power Group" of Yankees prospects. Asked about which player in the organization he resembles the most, Nuñez showed some knowledge on the subject.

"A guy called [Jesus] Montero, that's what I've heard," said Nuñez. "You know, in the power aspect."

Yankee officials also put Nuñez one step ahead of outfielder Kelvin De Leon, arguably the team's top 'July 2nd' signee last season and another member of the Yankees "Power Bunch" prospects.

During preseason games, Nuñez hasn't any home runs yet, but the power in his swing has shown with solid line drives. During this period, the stats don't look very impressive just yet, batting just .233 in 25 at-bats with nine RBI's, but the main concern is his strikeouts frequency [10 strikeouts in 25 AB's], but it is too early to make this as an issue.

"My goal now is to up my batting average and make more contact", Nuñez listed as his top goal for his first professional season.

Asked about how comfortable he feels as professional player, Nuñez said it has been a significant change.

"Personally, I feel very happy and grateful. Regarding the game's aspects, it's very different playing at this level than little leagues."

Possessing enough power to make the immediate jump to the United States to begin his career, Nuñez seems to be very comfortable about not jumping "stateside" at the moment.

"I know there's a lot of thing to learn," he admitted. "I'm cool if I stay here to develop my game, but I'm looking forward to pass only a season down here, if I finally stay."

His glove has also shown up in the early going. Nuñez's defensive game has been impressive so far, showcasing good hands by picking throws and catching fly balls.

"On defense, I'm working in the fundamentals, you know, making the cut-off line, among other things," said the 17-year old.

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