Nunez Getting Used To Things

Nunez Getting Used To Things

TAMPA, FL - The hulking Dominican slugger Reymond Nunez put on a display of his plus power before spring training games began, walloping the ball with authority. A slight injury sidelined him briefly but the 6-foot-4 first baseman feels healthy and will soon begin his first minor league season in the United States.

Reymond Nunez is now back into game action, starting at first base in Saturday's Extended Spring Training match up with the Pittsburgh Pirates. While he didn't muster much offense in that game, his return is certainly indicative of his full recovery from a mild back injury sustained early last month.

"Yeah, in the weight room, just lifting some weights. I got a little pain in my lower back. That just set me back for a couple of weeks, just to be safe and not push it," Nunez said through the assistance of a translator. "I felt a little down. But, that is just baseball."

Stating that he feels 100 percent healthy now and excited to begin the year, Nunez is hoping to improve on his hitting significantly. Specifically speaking, Nunez is working on getting more extended.

"At the plate, I am working on getting more extended with my hands, through the swing."

Nunez is quite nimble at first base, making a few terrific picks in Saturday's game to save an infield throwing error or two. Even still, he would still like to improve on his ability at the bag.

"At first base, I have been working a lot on picking the ball a little more, trying to just get better all around."

Moving from the Dominican Republic to the United States can be troubling for some, but Nunez seems perfectly comfortable, laughing and joking with his new teammates with a wide grin.

"Everything has been good here, really. I have had no problem adjusting at all [to Tampa's culture and climate]. Everything has been fine."

Asked if he felt he could soon emerge as one of the Yankees better prospects, akin to a Jesus Montero type slugger, Nunez just smiled and nodded. Quietly confident, Nunez is hopeful for a big season.

"I would love to go up and play but I know that I have to start here first," he said. "I really just want to be consistent in every game, especially so because this is my first year here, getting used to things."

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